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domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Tokio Hotel en MTV Alemania, 02.10.09

Ya os comentamos hace unos días que los chicos de Tokio Hotel darían una entrevsita el día 2 de cotubre en la MTV Alemana, coincidiendo con el día en que publicaban su album "Humanoid" allí.

Os dejamos los videos de dicha entrevista, traducidos en inglés..

(Intentaremos traducirlos en español pero la cantidad de información en grande y no tenemos apenas tiempo)


pt 1 translation from the youtube link from musikmakerfaker:

Klaas: Back from America, here they are: Tokio Hotel!
(Hellos and taking seats)

Joko: Sit over there so you can be next to Klaas... If you want to...

Klaas:; Hello, nice to have you here.
Bill: Hello
Klaas: Are you busy at the moment?
Bill: Yeah, we were in a polace next to this so we thought, we should come along
Klaas: Someones is home here everytime, we don´t have so much work, on hour of live show the rest is hanging arround...
Bill: Cool
Klaas: We started with Tokio Hotel a moment ago, getting some informations and talking to Scooter... So did you do drugs already today?
Bill: Not yet...
Tom: No
Bill: Today we are getting along without
Klaas: I read it in the newspaper yesterday, thats why I mentioned it
Bill: I don´t know how this happend... Someone just...
Joko: layed it in to your mouth , fits perfectly to the theme
Klaas: Why did you stop doing drugs? Because you can´t get them in the USA so easy?
Bill: No... we grew up in a small village... I ask myself how people can say there are some who never drunk in the years before getting 15 ...
Klaas: It isn´t fair with you: W hen you got famous here you were under 18 and weren´t allowed to drink and now you are older and you are in the USA were you aren´t allowed under 21...
Bill: Yes, you´re right that´s not so easy for us. We are always against the law...
Tom: We are rebels
Georg: I can´t support this
Bill: We are so crazy
Klaas: We take a look at your new music video, wich is released in two different versions. But the video is the same, or are there different cuts?
Bill: It´s nearly the same.
Klaas: So we take a look, "Automatisch" is the SAong called in german, and that´s the video:

(Automatic video)

Klaas: That was "Automatic". You guys will stay here for a while, because I want to know some exclusiv details of Karl Lagerfelds privacy, for sure.
Bill: OK


pt 2 trans again by musikmakerfaker at youtube. *Thanks much to [info]pseudoblu for asking her for it and bringing it over <3

Klaas: Welcome back everyone, we have them here, the band of the day, of the hour, of the year, of the decade, they made some records and broke them again: Tokio Hotel! Do you also have sometimes the feeling life´s unfair and everything goes wrong?
Bill: Totally, for sure... All day long, always.
Klaas:Do you got the outline where you released and where you are famous?
Bill:By now we have, but when we played in Israel... I didn´t knew that anyone heard about us there at all and that was surprising, but by now, we got the outline.
Klaas.What do you think, there are so many cultures, I mean Spain and Italy is not so different, but Israel, thats a land were people normally care about other things then here... Whats this thing about Tokio Hotel that connects people?
Tom:Georg´s hairstyling...
Klaas:I didn´t understand you are too far...
Tom: Georg´s hairstyling...
Klaas:Georg´s hairstyling... If you mean
Georg:But not just the one on my head...
Tom:That´s what I wanted to say... both styling in connection with your smell... It´s so attractive... But that they notice when he is at the location... First you see his hairstyle and the you have the smell... A mix of smoke, beer and sweat...
Klaas:Rivercola [Coke] Babyfood
Georg:It´s all about the right mix! ;-)
Joko:How does it feel for you, this traveling around the world... I had the honor to see your show in LA and it was confusing for ME to see a band that I know from Germany... Do you feel different when you are out of Germany or is performance similar to performance?
Bill:In America you notice the difference but in our first years we didn´t, we woke up in another town and didn´t knew where we were brought... When we recorded the new album we first noticed were we had already been... But America is a very different feeling... In America it´s so hard to start something, because everything is already so huge.
Klaas: Life is passing by over there...
Bill: Yes!
Klaas:Thats why we said, we need to inform everybody what has been going on from your beginning till now...
[ 8-seconds MTV Masters]
Tom:That showed everything!
Joko:We worked on it for so long!
Klaas:We took an extra worker for you who found this video-parts
Joko:ONE? I abdicated my money for the whole month...
Klaas:All the 100 euros? ;-)
Klaas: But Bill we saw a nice photo of you, Bild [newspaper] wrote We never saw Bill like that but I gotta tell WE DID... You can see the picture there, Karl Lagerfeld took it... That´s the thin man with the scall on his shoulders you know from TV
Joko:Not the one at the photo, but Karl Lagerfeld
Klaas: The styling King who tells you what to wear... How did you connect with him?
Bill:We met a few years ago at the Bambi-Award and since then we wanted to do something together...
Klaas:What? ;-)
Bill:Taking photos for sure... but we never got the chance to do it, and now if been at the right time and place and he was there too so we took those photos in Berlin...
Klaas:But he is always talking so fast and you can´t understand him...
Bill:He doesn´t... I understood everything
Klaas:That´s it, you got the chance to look behind the curtain. We know Mark Medlock and Daniel Schumacher [German Casting stars] We know how the are privat
Joko:I don´t know them
Klaas:I know them from VIVA. Did you had an weird meeting with a famous star?
Tom:Oh that´s a hard question... I don´t want to offend anyone...
Georg:I know some...
Georg:Do you remember those radio event?
Tom:Yes with Katy Perry... Georg *** Katy Perry
Georg:What? NO!
Bill:Yes and they parted while having some troubles ;-)
Klaas:Did you touch her?
Tom:Yes he did opn the toiletts but everything went wrong there ;-) We watched it
[Then they talk about Roman Polanski and German Ochsenknecht brothers... Make some jokes about them...]
Klaas:Do have some time left to stay with us?
Bill:For sure!


pt 3 trans from musikmakerfaker on youtube:

Klaas: welcome back everyone... Still with us: Tokio Hotel... the only real band in... yes, hour isn´t big enough
Joko: Of the world
Klaas: World! Best band in the world... whats about jealousy... does it grow with getting more famous?
Bill: Yes, you can notice it... sometimes I read the comments under articels and that´s why Tom and me did the video in the car [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh4DanKXhj4 ] .
Joko: One like Paris Hilton did? I don´t know it yet ;-)
Klaas: No, one where they tell everything ever told about them about themselves
Bill: Now its, if I say something I know what they people will say abot it
Tom: Actually, it was in the band, Georg was so jealous on me because I had all the girls and he lost his cherry just two months ago ;-)
Bill: He´s so proud of it. We had a deal that one of us would say it while this show so everyone knows ;-)
Tom: So here it is for everyone: Georg lost his virginity two months ago;-)
Klaas: And now it flows

[Klaas trys to speak]
Joko: Klaas is so under the level...
Usually I don´t understand Jokos jokes a while after he did them... know I don´t notice my own ;-) But I got a nice diction...
Joko: Yeah you found good words for "bugging"
klaas: So you make everyjoke people can tell about you about yourselves... does it mean you [Gustav] will hit yourselves with a bottle next time?
Gustav: That´s right!
Klaas: What happend?
Gustav: What you could read in newspapers...
Bill: I think he just drunk too much
Gustav: Actually, the other guys hit me...
Tom: He spoke against me, and i beat him
Joko: When there is trouble, who is blamed?
Georg: Not Bill
Tom: That´s because noone knows Bill ;-)
Joko: What?
Bill: That´s the point, if we go out with Georg and Gustav its so annoying, but if Tom and me go out alone we are so relaxed, can eat icecream or whatever
Klaas: Did you ever met the brothers of Oasis? [ Because of trouble and fighting]
Tom: I had the same idea
Klaas: You talked about this too, you said Gustav and Georg, Gregor and Günther you named them , noone knows them. Is that someting you don´t like or do you think its great?
Georg: I tottally like it...
Tom + Bill: Georch...
Gustav: Me too...
Bill: Actually their names are Wolfgang and Hagen...
Tom: Georch
Gustav: Or Moritz and...
Georg: Max
Everyone: Klaus...
klaas: Klaus, thats me...When you release a record, Humanoid [few times, different languages], you can name it how you want to...
Bill: Someone told it Humanunoid...
Everyone: Italian people...
Joko: Guess he was dyslexic ;-)
Klaas: Or italian... Wich feeling is worse... Not being known and you can´t say if someone will like your music or the pressure of being already famous?
Bill: Neither the first nor the other... You do this because you wnat the others to hear it... You record is because you want the paople to hear and see it and being happy with it. But there is a breat pressure for sure...
Klaas: We are happy because you came here. Thanks for that... Now you have to go to big cities like Braunschweig...
Bill: Klein-Zwickau ;-)
[German towns, not as huge as Berlin]
Everyone: Bey Bey

Gracias por la traducción nen ingles a Musikmakerfaker en You Tube.

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